Transportation and Infrastructure

I-270 is a roadblock. The proposals made by Governor Hogan to improve this vital link through our country are common sense solutions that need to be supported, which I will do.

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Montgomery County Public Schools spend an average of $16,344 per student per year, among the highest in the nation! Even so, our high schools have fallen from the top rank even as enrollments are increasing and test scores are decreasing. The Teac...

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Jobs & Economy

Governor Hogan has already begun to significantly reduce the regulatory burden on small business despite opposition from Democrats in the legislature. He has put forward legislation addressing a more equitable balance between business requirements...

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Redistricting & Term Limits

It is time to end "One Party Rule" in our county. You deserve a voice at all levels of government. Gerrymandering and term limits take away your voice. I will work with Governor Hogan to bring non-partisan redistricting to Maryland and thus restor...

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