An Open Letter to the Chinese Immigrant Community in Montgomery County Marc A. King, Republican Candidate, House of Delegates, Maryland State Legislature

Open Letter


It has come to my attention that a recent article published in a Chinese language newspaper favored by many in the Chinese community of Montgomery County; that a “Republican” operative has been encouraging members of the community to change their registration for the upcoming Primary election from Republican to Democrat for the sole purpose of being able to vote for Democrats in the Primary. You are being asked to do this because election law in the Sates of Maryland allows voters to only vote for members of their own political party in primary elections.


To those in the community who are registered as Republicans and are think of answering this call to switch parties for the primary I say; Beware this is a cleverly laid trap by those who would perpetuate “One Party Rule” in both the county and the state by having you vote for Demarcates who claim to be moderate in their political views. There is nothing to be gained by switching parties just for accumulating additional votes for those candidates appearing on the Democratic ballot. 


It is a well-known fact that registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans 3to1 in Montgomery County. What rational reason could be given to encourage registered Republicans to abandon their political beliefs during the Primaries just to bolster the already overwhelming majority of the Democratic party. This would have to followed by the administrative process to reverse their decision and re-register as a Republican for the General election in November. The trap is; once the change has been made most will forget that that they made this change and will be encouraged to again vote for the Democratic ticket in November. It’s a complicated system and may not be well understood by those who have chosen to live in a country where there should be balance in the political system under which we live.  


I understand that there is a movement underway to insure one candidate, a member of your community, can defeat her challengers in the Democratic primary election ensuring a place on the ballot in November. To that I say “let the Democrats fight it out among themselves and select who they feel is most qualified to run for office. They do not need the help of Republicans to make such decisions”.  In fact, the community should be encouraging just the opposite actions when it comes to voting in the June primary as well as the General elections in November. Democrats should be seriously considering what the Democratic party has done to improve their lives and voting Republican. Let’s reflect for just a moment on some contemporary Chinese history: 


In July 1945, four years before the Communist Party defeated the Kuomintang regime, politician Huang Yanpei from the progressive China Democratic League travelled to the party base at Yan'an. He met Mao Zedong and asked whether Mao thought the party could break the pattern of the rises and falls of regimes that dominated Chinese history. Mao reportedly said: "We have found the new path... it is called democracy." 


After the party seized power, however, it turned to one-party rule. Its legitimacy has been repeatedly brought into question throughout its six-decade rule, especially during political upheavals such as the disastrous Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution. 


One Party Rule, a system without balance does not work for the betterment of the people… it works for the betterment of the party. This is the path that the voters of Montgomery County have been on for some time, and I do not believe that the Chinese immigrant community wants to follow that path. They made a conscious decision to leave a One-Party System and come to America. Now they are being encouraged to abandon the only voice they have that stands in opposition to a One-Party system!


I say; Do not listen to those who would deceive you in the interest of One Party Rule. Stand firm in your conservative convictions. 


Vote for the Republican candidates that hear your voice and will work to bring balance into the Maryland political system. We need the support and the vote of every Republican in Montgomery County.   



MDGOP Candidate